Safety, rules and regulations

It is very important that you know what to do in case of emergency. Please read and familiarize the safety instructions, and make sure that you know evacuation plan, locations of the emergency exits etc. Rules and regulations protect you and the other tenants. They also make your stay pleasant and easy. Make sure that you know the official rules and regulations of the dorm. Tenants are encouraged to plan their own rules regarding their co-habitation (such as shower and laundry room reservations) to make everyone feel as much at home as possible. However, these plans should not contradict the official rules of the dormitory.

It is strictly prohibited to use any kind of grill or barbeque inside the buildings, including balconies. If you wish to barbeque something, you must ask permission at the office.

Read the whole Rules and regulations of Retrodorm from the page RULES AND REGULATIONS.


Smoking is allowed only in the areas reserved for that purpose. Remember that smoking is strictly forbidden inside of the premises. Smoke can trigger the fire alarms very easily. The alarm will automatically alert the fire department, which will automatically send units to the premises. Burning candles, incense or any other products that generate smoke are forbidden. Hairspray and deodorant in aerosol bottles should be only used in the bathroom, since in the bedroom it may trigger the fire alarm. False fire alarm costs 250 € as the fire department will need to come to the dormitory if an alarm goes off. If the alarm goes off as a result of tenant's negligence or vandalism, the tenant that caused the alarm will be required to cover the expenses.

It is very important that you know what to do in the case of emergency. Here you can open the rescue plan in PDF. You can also find the rescue plan from the Dorm book in your floor's living room.

PDF icon Rescue plan A-wing434.38 KB
PDF icon Rescue plan B-wing and H-building690.87 KB

Although Retrodorm’s facilities are covered with general insurance, it won’t cover the tenant’s personal belongings. We highly recommend that you get your own personal insurance. Remember that outer entrances should always remain locked. Remember also to lock your room while you’re away and report any suspicious behaviour to the office or the security company, or if necessary, to the police.

If you have non-urgent questions, please submit them by email:

For tenants:

Retrodorm's phone: +358 40 673 1251

Janitor's phone: +358 44 907 2528
Check the janitor's working hours from the Tenant's guide

Janitor's emergency phone for evenings and weekends:
+358 50 383 0079 (For defects that require immediate action only) Please note: This number is not for door opening.

Key service (evenings and weekends) AVARN Security company: +358 2 2624 999 Check the prices from the Tenant's guide

National Emergency number (Police, Ambulance, Fire department) 112

Retrodorm Virvoituksentie 3 FI-20720 TURKU FINLAND

Email: Tel: +358 40 673 1251