The deposit payment is 300 €  and it must be paid before you arrive in Retrodorm. The deposit cannot be paid in cash or using a credit card. You will receive further instructions with the acceptance letter.

The deposit will be refunded to the tenant's bank account (as the tenant's home country is in SEPA region and in cash as the home country is outside SEPA region) when the lease agreement has ended and the room has been inspected and the key given back to the landlord. The deposit cannot be refunded to a credit card.The deposit payment can be used to amortization of a debt (such as unpaid rent, unpaid door opening, unpaid false fire alarms etc.) or for the repair/cleaning/lost furniture costs that are due to tenant’s actions or negligence. In case of not arriving at all, the deposit payment can be used to cover the expenses of reserving the room.

The deposit will not be used for common wear and tear. Landlord does not pay interest for the deposit.

In order to get inside a room/dormitory the tenant must have an ID.

The janitor can open the door for you during his working hours. Also the office staff can open the door during office's opening hours.

Key service during the evenings and weekends:
If you lose your key, the AVARN Security has the spare key for the dorm and your room. If you forget your key inside of your room etc. during the evening or weekend, the AVARN Security will open the door for you.

The cost of the door opening by card, cash or invoice is 40 €. The prices are the same whatever the day or the time of the day. Prices include VAT 24 %. Card payments can be made with most common cards accepted in Finland for example Master Card Debit/Credit and Visa Debit/Credit.

Price for a new key: 100 €, price includes VAT 24 %

If you lose your key, contact us via email immediately. The lost key and as well as the door opening will be charged from the tenant.

Landlord reserves all rights for change in price.

False fire alarms will be charged from the tenant/s. The current price per false fire alarm is 250 €.

Landlord reserves all rights for change in price.

If you have non-urgent questions, please submit them by email:

For tenants:

Retrodorm's phone: +358 40 673 1251

Janitor's phone: +358 44 907 2528
Check the janitor's working hours from the Tenant's guide

Janitor's emergency phone for evenings and weekends:
+358 50 383 0079 (For defects that require immediate action only) Please note: This number is not for door opening.

Key service (evenings and weekends) AVARN Security company: +358 2 2624 999 Check the prices from the Tenant's guide

National Emergency number (Police, Ambulance, Fire department) 112

Retrodorm Virvoituksentie 3 FI-20720 TURKU FINLAND

Email: Tel: +358 40 673 1251