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There are lots of parks and green areas in Turku and some of them are very near to your neighborhood. The biggest park in Turku is the Park of Kupittaa. The park is located just 1 km from the dorm and offers many opportunities for sport activities around the year. There are several sport grounds in the Park of Kupittaa. Some of the grounds require reservation. The use of those grounds is usually not free. There is also an outdoor swimming center in the park. It’s open every day during the summer time. The (indoor) Sport arena of Kupittaa is also situated in the park. The arena offers bowling and athletic activities. There is also a gym in the arena. During the wintertime the park offers possibilities for cross country skiing and skating. The skates can be rent from the park. You can get more information about the sport facilities, reservations, prices etc. from the website of the City of Turku and from the Centre of Sport Services, which is located next to the park, in the football stadium Veritas. If you’re interested to see football matches in Veritas, check the webpages of the stadium:

CampusSport offers cheap sports cervices for the students and staff of the higher education institutions in Turku. By paying the sports fee for either one semester or for the whole academic year, you get to use CampusSports facilities and participate instructed sports classes. Look more information at CampusSport website:

Due to the marvelous location of the dorm the nature and jogging paths are nearby. During the winter most of the paths are turned to ski tracks. There are also two tennis courts in the Luolavuori suburb. The nearest beach is located in Ispoinen suburb. During the wintertime the sauna of the beach is open in certain days, when people go ice swimming, which is very popular in Finland. Check the opening hours from here:

If you would like to watch some sports games for example football or ice-hockey, there are more than one team playing in Turku. TPS plays ice-hockey in the Finnish primary league. Their home arena is Gatorate Center in Turku. TPS also has a football team that plays in the Finnish secondary league. Their home arena is in Paavo Nurmi Stadium. FC Inter plays in the Finnish primary football league. Their home arena is Veritas Stadium. The ice-hockey season in Finland is from the beginning autumn to late spring and football season is from spring till autumn. 

Most of the shops are in the city centre. The mall Hansa and department store Sokos Wiklund are next to the market square. Department store Stockmann is inside Hansa. Two other malls, Mylly and Skanssi, are located near to the highways outside of the city centre. Mylly is located 10 km from the dorm, in the commercial concentration in Raisio (a city next to Turku). IKEA is located in the same concentration, as well as several other large stores that sell interior design and household items. To Mylly and IKEA you can get for example by bus number 300. Skanssi is located next to the Helsinki highway, less than 3 km from the dorm. The bus number 9 goes to the mall of Skanssi.

There are several spas in Turku. Caribia spa is next to the student village, near the University. Ruissalo spa is in Ruissalo island, which is part of the EU’s Natura- program. There are several conservation areas in Ruissalo and the Botanical Garden of Turku is also there. Naantali spa is located in Naantali, which is a city next to Turku.

A cinema, Finnkino Kinopalatsi, is in the city centre. Movies are shown with their original languages, with Finnish and Swedish subtitles. Get more information from the cinema’s website:

Most of the restaurants and bars are in city centre and on the riverside of Aura River. Riverboats of the riverside are popular places to eat and drink during the summertime. Some of the boats are also open during winter. When going to a bar in Finland, you should always have your ID with you, because the staff will check that you are above the age limit of the bar. Also have your ID with you when you buy alcohol or cigarettes from a store.  

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