Facilities of the dorm

The size of each room is approximately 10 square meters, though sizes vary from room to room. All the rooms are not identical. Every room has a big window (with blinds) and it’s furnished with standard equipment, which are: a bed, lamps, a desk, a chair and a closet. The dormitory also provides mattresses, pillows and blankets for tenants. The rooms have private toilets. In addition to the single rooms we have 9 double rooms. The double rooms are otherwise similar to the single rooms but they share the entrance and the toilet. If you are arriving with a friend, we may ask if you would like to be in the double room.

Remember that you’re responsible for the cleanliness of your own room. Feel free to use the equipment in the cleaning closet. You are free to decorate the room. Just remember that all the acts which cause permanent damages or changes in the room, such as drilling holes or painting the walls, are forbidden.

There is a free wireless internet (WiFi) connection at Retrodorm. The connection's name is Retrodorm. You will receive the password upon receiving your confirmation of tenancy. The WiFi's password can also be read in every floor's information board.

Every floor has its own common area, which includes a kitchen, dining area, living room, shower room, laundry room and cleaning closets. It is important that every tenant in the floor feels comfortable to use the common areas. There are rules and regulations that tenants should keep in mind when using the common areas. Tenants have to always clean up after themselves when using the common areas. Please respect the needs and wishes of other tenants by keeping volume in the minimum.

In the kitchen, the tenant needs to wash their own dishes to keep the area clean and comfortable. There are refrigerators, a microwave oven, a stove, an oven, a water kettle and a toaster in the kitchen. Tenant should mark his/hers own food. Tenants can together plan their own rules and regulations to enhance their cohabitation. The kitchen tools and plates, glasses, etc. are for the general use of the tenants.

TV and sofas can be found from the living room. Only free channels can be seen from the TV. Tenants should keep in mind that between 11 PM - 6 AM all loud noises should be avoided. By doing so, you respect the other tenants' right to be undisturbed.

Each floor has a shower room, and the A- and B-wing's shower rooms are equipped with two showers. Two persons can take a shower at the same time without invading another’s privacy. In the H-building, there is one shower in each floor. Remember to bring your own shampoos, soaps, towels etc. There is no official reservation system for the shower room, although tenants often plan their own. Try to avoid spending too much time in the showers so that others have the time to use the showers too, as well as to save water.

There is no official reservation list for the laundry room (of course the tenants can make one for themselves). The tenant is required to purchase their own detergents for the laundry. Remember to collect your clothes from the machine and the dryer. There are a few drying racks, iron and iron board in common use. All unidentifiable clothes, garbage etc. will be removed from the washing room and thrown away.

Please note, that if you dry clothes at the drying rack, it must be kept in your own room.

Cleaning closets are also in common use. From the closet you can find various cleaning equipments, such as vacuum cleaner, brush and wipes. We recommend that you take a look at the cleaning instructions before using the products. Remember to take equipments, like vacuum cleaner, back to the cleaning closet after you are done using it.

If you have non-urgent questions, please submit them by email: retrodorm@turku.fi

For tenants:

Retrodorm's phone: +358 40 673 1251

Janitor's phone: +358 44 907 2528
Check the janitor's working hours from the Tenant's guide

Janitor's emergency phone for evenings and weekends:
+358 50 383 0079 (For defects that require immediate action only) Please note: This number is not for door opening.

Key service (evenings and weekends) AVARN Security company: +358 2 2624 999 Check the prices from the Tenant's guide

National Emergency number (Police, Ambulance, Fire department) 112

Retrodorm Virvoituksentie 3 FI-20720 TURKU FINLAND

Email: retrodorm@turku.fi Tel: +358 40 673 1251