When you arrive in Retrodorm, you will meet the dormitory’s staff who will sign the lease contract with you and give you your key. You can find the staff from Retrodorm's office, which is located on the 1st floor of the B-wing. If you arrive during the weekend or outside the office hours, remember to inform your tutor so that s/he can get the key for you in advance. Your tutor should book an appointment with us via email, at least one week before your arrival.

If you arrive during the weekend or outside of the office hours, you should come to sign the lease contract on the next working day. You can see the conditions of the lease by clicking Terms of Lease.


The rent invoice will be delivered to your personal mailbox by paper every month. The rent 300 € is to be paid at the beginning of every month according to the due date marked on the invoice. The invoice has a reference/index number that you must use when paying.

The rent must be paid by bank transfer via internet, citing the correct reference and account number. It is not possible to pay the rent in cash or by credit/debit card at the Retrodorm's office.

The kitchens in Retrodorm are equipped with basic kitchen tools such as plates, glasses, knifes, forks, pans etc. The kitchen tools are for everyone's use. The bedrooms also have a pillow, a mattress and a blanket. If you want to have your own kitchen tools, then we advice you to get the starting package. You can get more information about the package from this website: Please note that the starting packages are not rented by Retrodorm.

You will receive one key, which gives you an access to your room, entrance of the building and mailbox. You’re not allowed to make any copies of the key. If the key gets lost or you forget the key inside of your room, during the office's opening hours you can call the staff and during evenings and weekends call the security company to let you in. Please note that the security company will take a fee for opening the door for you. If you lose your key, contact the staff immediately. The tenant is responsible to pay for the cost of a new key. Check all the prices from PAYMENTS.

Your room number informs you of the building and floor where you live. For instance, if your room number is B 501, it means that you’re staying on the first room of the fifth floor in the B-wing. Room numbering in the H-building follows the same system as in the A- and B-wings. If you are staying in the H-building, your room number could be, for instance, H 101 - the first room on the first floor of the H-building.

If you have non-urgent questions, please submit them by email:

For tenants:

Retrodorm's phone: +358 40 673 1251

Janitor's phone: +358 44 907 2528
Check the janitor's working hours from the Tenant's guide

Janitor's emergency phone for evenings and weekends:
+358 50 383 0079 (For defects that require immediate action only) Please note: This number is not for door opening.

Key service (evenings and weekends) AVARN Security company: +358 2 2624 999 Check the prices from the Tenant's guide

National Emergency number (Police, Ambulance, Fire department) 112

Retrodorm Virvoituksentie 3 FI-20720 TURKU FINLAND

Email: Tel: +358 40 673 1251