The Rules and Regulations of Retrodorm

I General tidiness and order

1 § Loud noise and the loud use of instruments, radios, record players, television and household appliances and other disturbances are forbidden in the apartments and in the residential area between 11PM and 6AM. Smoking is allowed only outside of the buildings, in the particular marked area reserved for that purpose.

2 § Driving a motor vehicle and parking in the residential area is allowed. Motor vehicles should always be parked in areas reserved for that purpose. Biking and skateboarding are allowed if they do not endanger others using the area. The residential area should be kept tidy and unharmed.

3 § The tenant is responsible for any unwarranted fire alarms, and is required to pay for the full cost of the use of fire department's services, currently 250€.

II Common rooms

4 § The outer doors of the dorm are always to be kept locked. Emergency exits should only be used in case of emergency. The balcony doors should also always be locked. The key should never be kept on the lock of your room. 

5 § The common rooms should be kept tidy. It is not allowed to move around the furnitures. The other users of the rooms should not be disturbed. Unauthorized people and anyone disturbing the peace should be prevented from entering the common rooms. If this is not possible without endangering your own safety, call the security company or the police – depending on the situation. The common rooms should be cleaned after use. Smoking is not allowed indoors, including the common rooms.

III Cleaning and waste processing

6 § A cleaner cleans the common rooms. However, tenants are required to clean up their own mess and wash their own dishes. Storing furniture or any other goods in the common areas is forbidden. The cleaning of the tenant’s own room is in his/her responsibility. The tenant has to make sure that his/her room is tidy and clean before s/he moves out.

7 § The inhabitants must follow the valid instructions regarding waste separation and recycling. The instructions can be found in the kitchens. The regulations on the handling of hazardous waste must be followed.

IV The laundry

8 § The laundry room is free of charge for the tenants. Do not leave any laundry lying around in the laudry room.

V The storage of goods

9 §  The tenants are not allowed to store any goods in the common areas. The landlord has a right to move any equipment left in an improper place on the common areas.

VI Order in the apartments

10 § The tenant should not disturb others. The inhabitant is also responsible for the disturbance and damage caused by his visitors, unless he has taken measures to prevent them. The tenant should inform the staff if they have an over-night visitor. The staff has to know the name of the visitor. The maximum time for visitor is one week. The visitor should sleep in the tenant's bedroom, not in the common areas. It is also prohibited to borrow common area's furniture, example couch cushions. It is not possible to rent a room for the visitor. Smoking is forbidden in all interiors including the rooms as well as all common areas (staircases, lifts, common rooms, kitchens and washrooms). The tenant is responsible for damages made by the improper attachment of hooks. The use of glue or adhesive tape on the walls or the doors is forbidden.

VII Faults and defects

11 § Faults and defects in the apartments or in the residential area should be made known through a deficiency notification. The notification can be made by writing about it in the deficiency notebook found from the entrance of the wings. You can also notify us via email: if the problem isn't solved in few working days. If the defect needs immediate attention (such as a broken water pipe), please contact the janitor by phone. The janitor's number and janitor's emergency number can be found from the end of every page on the web sites and from the information boards on every floor.

Real Estate Management Center of the City of Turku has a right to alter the rules and regulations of Retrodorm.

If you have non-urgent questions, please submit them by email:

For tenants:

Retrodorm's phone: +358 40 673 1251

Janitor's phone: +358 44 907 2528
Check the janitor's working hours from the Tenant's guide

Janitor's emergency phone for evenings and weekends:
+358 50 383 0079 (For defects that require immediate action only) Please note: This number is not for door opening.

Key service (evenings and weekends) AVARN Security company: +358 2 2624 999 Check the prices from the Tenant's guide

National Emergency number (Police, Ambulance, Fire department) 112

Retrodorm Virvoituksentie 3 FI-20720 TURKU FINLAND

Email: Tel: +358 40 673 1251